Click on a specific button


I have a snippet where I want to automatically click a submit button after entering the text. I have solved this in such a way that I first execute the Tab key for this and then a left mouse click. So far, this has also worked perfectly.

Now, however, the web page has changed and another button occasionally appears before the submit button. This then causes the wrong button to be clicked. Is there a way to specify a specific Submit-button to click for this case? Unfortunately, I can no longer work with the tab key in this case.

Hi @kamuro Welcome back to the forum! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no way to click on specific elements. We may add this functionality down the road. Just to confirm, the specific Submit button is not reachable via keyboard actions? such as Shift-Tab, Tab, etc.? If you can give me more details about the website, I can also check this myself.

See also:

No, the Button is not reachable via keyboard actions. Here is a screenshot:

Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep you posted if we develop any related feature.

As a quick test, can you tell me which website this is so I can also double check this on my end? Maybe I can suggest you some workaround.

Sorry, but the site is only accessible to team members but not to the public.