Copy of Snippet "Airtable record lister"

Grab all record IDs from an airtable base and then select from one of them using a formmenu.

This snippet makes a list of all records from a single table in an Airtable base.
It is recommended to look at the original snippet for better understanding of how this system works.

{note}{formtext: name=apikey} {formtext: name=base}{endnote}
{if: apikey <> "" and base <> ""} {urlload:{=base}/VWB?fields[]=Workflow+Title; method=GET; done=(res) -> ["url_response"=catch(fromJSON(res), "???")]; headers=Authorization=Bearer {=apikey}}
Data received
{records=catch(url_response.records, [])}
Count of records received: {=count(records)}
Form menu: {formmenu: values={=records}; name=chosen_record; itemformatter=(value) -> value.fields["Workflow Title"]}
Fetching record data
{urlload:{=base}/VWB/{}; method=GET; done=(res) -> ["response"=catch(fromJSON(res), "???")]; headers=Authorization=Bearer {=apikey}}
TC: {=response.fields["TC"]}
Buyer Full Name: {=response.fields["Buyer Full Name"]}

Enter apikey and base to proceed

To get the apikey, generate it on your Airtable account page (keep it a secret)

If you have the record URL as:, then base=appW0...Qc06, and recordid=rec...VtB.

For an interactive demo of Airtable's API, visit their API page and choose your base. On the left you should choose "VWB Table" and then "Fields", "List records" or "Retrieve a record". On the right you will see various outputs relevant to your base.