Inserting Text Info from a Site using a Different Browser tab that I am typing in

I have figured out how to insert text content from a web page in a snippet, however is it possible for it to pull content from another tab I have open?

Example- we communicate with clients using ZenDesk and TextLine and will confirm appointments with them on those platforms/websites, however the information we need to pull is on another web page. How would I set this up so it knows which page to pull it from (instead of it defaulting to the tab I am typing in)? Our last text expansion app was able to do this, but I can't quite figure it out here.

Hi @Dano , thanks for your detailed example. It is not currently not possible to do this in Text Blaze automatically.

For a workaround, you can copy text from one website, and then use {clipboard} command when using the snippet in another page to get those details. Here is an example given by Cedric in the context of Google Sheets:

If you have the data in an Airtable we have more specific snippets:

Let us know if your data is not in the form of Google Sheets/Airtable and we can come up with more concrete solutions. Thanks!