[Introduction thread] Please introduce yourself and tell us how you use Text Blaze

Thanks. Sorry but quick query from my end.
Triggering Snippets which starts with Dropdown Please help in case if you know how to achieve it.

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@Pratik_Shah - replied :slight_smile:

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Hey, so I've been using this a lot more since you sent this to me! It's been busy so I haven't been able to reply.

I did share snippets with my old team, and my supervisor ended up taking that idea and running with it for some notation ideas, but my current department is not as gung-ho on automation, so I am the only one who uses it at this time, although I offer to teach at many occasions.

Since your recommendation, those IF commands are a monster. Once I figured that out, it made my dropdown menus perfect, and that is what I was missing from a smooth workflow. I find this function incredibly helpful to where now I have set up my job aid as a series of questions calling a series of shortcuts on dropdown menus.

Phewwwww, that's what I've been looking for. Thanks for the brilliant tip sir!


The IF statements really changed things up for me. I'm glad that they have really helped you as much as they helped me!


Great intro @Nirali!

Happy to have you in the community :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team, Nirali! It's great to have you.

Hi Bri! @briana_r_stone

You sound like a productivity ninja with seven customer chats up and active. I'd love to feature a video of your screen in action on our social media :slight_smile: Can we connect? You can drop me an email at nirali@blaze.today if you're on board with the idea.

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It's been a while and I see many new names in the forum. Please take a moment to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone, my name is Tanya Barba. I am from Rosharon, Texas just south of Houston. I am a reseller on places like ebay, Poshmark and Mercari. I have only been selling like this for about a year full time. A interesting fact about me is: my family raises and shows cattle. Our youngest daughter won Reserve Supreme Grand American Champion in 2015 at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I don't know too much about Text Blaze, but I want to Learn!


Howdy @Tanya_Barba, welcome to the forum. If you can learn and teach to raise show-winning cattle, I'm sure you'll learn Text Blaze in no-time. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything.

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Very cool! I'm new here as well and oddly, my family loves to eat cattle. :wink:

I write a lot of code - been doing so for 40+ years - ever since before there were laptops. My current work is best understood in a post like this.

I love Text Blaze and have begun a rapid transition away from TextExpander.


Hi Dan, I have just started using Tex Blaze, my name is Ricardo Caballero, I am from Mexico, I am using Text Blaze on my contact center BPO job, I am assigned to the chat support crew. I use snippets because we have to be fast and accurate in our written responses and I am not a great typer, but a good people-focused person. I use it mostly on Zendesk. I am eager to spread this gorgeous tool, here in my home town there is a lot of need for it but not enough people reaching efforts. I am already your ambassador and I love it.


Hello, I am Naritatsu Saito, a practicing physician in Japan.
I just started using Text Blaze. I am using a cloud-based electronic medical record, chrome-based electronic medical record.

I will be using Text Blaze to provide lifestyle guidance to my patients and to calculate scores for guidelines.


Welcome to the Text Blaze community, @Ricardo_Albores

Welcome to the Text Blaze community, @Naritatsu_Saito . You may find @Evelyn_Duvivier1's story useful.
I'm curious - which EMR do you use?

I'm Rob and work in Revenue Operations for a SaaS company that allows users to create their own personalized videos. I have a common use case right now for Text Blaze - a chunk of email text - but hoping to learn more about how other people use it in similar roles (Salesforce, automation platforms, sales tech and martech, etc),

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I am Garland Coulson "Captain Time." I am a time management author, speaker, trainer, and coach.

I am a long-term power user of text expanders and am enjoying exploring what Text Blaze can do that my previous tools can't.

Using Text Blaze for inserting:

  • urls

  • symbols

  • sales letters

  • support queries

  • proposals and more


hi use it for short cuts on
.thank you
.for your information

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My name is Edward Sierra MD
I am semi- retired and moved to Mulberry Florida in October 2020. Mulberry is a small town bordering Lakeland. It is in between Tampa and Orlando right off I-4.
I am happily married for 31 years. I have 3 beautiful children. All grown sadly!
I have work most of my career mainly in the ER but recently have ventured into telehealth.
I use Text Blaze for creating snippets of phrases that I use frequently in my charting such as patient instructions and plans of care. This helps to cut down on the time spent charting and thus allows me more time to focus on my patient's concerns.
Any comments or helpful suggestions in this regard would be greatly appreciated.