[Introduction thread] Please introduce yourself and tell us how you use Text Blaze

@Brad_Hedinger - THERE! I KNEW there had to be a reason why you and I hit it off so well.


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Hey everyone! My name is Christopher and I work as a credit analyst for a solar company. I live in Denver, CO. I started using Text Blaze a couple years ago while at a call center to quickly access my commonly-used messages and it was a revelation to my efficiency.

Recently, I've taken full advantage of using the forms and dropdowns function on Pro, and find it incredibly useful to automate so much of my workflow, so I can quickly have different processes available. Having the day function is also a nice personal touch as I always begin my emails by wishing someone a good day and having the day populate in the introduction.

I find my most efficient use of the system using a series of templates with names that are easy to remember and access through the keyboard combined with using the Pro functions similar to how a programmer would code different elements inside of another one. Additionally, using the import function leads to consistent messaging across my job, so the sales reps, customers, and credit department are all on the same page.

Privacy is an absolute must in my line of work, so I do not enter any private data into Text Blaze, yet it still works pretty darn good regardless, as you can create form fields for any area where private information would need to be entered.

Happy to be here and contributing feedback, I find this product incredibly useful regardless of use case.


Welcome @Christopher_Sauer! I also use import with a lot of my snippets so that I can be consistent without rewriting the same code. I just realized that I should be using import based on IF statements in some of my snippets. Do you share your snippets with your team? You mentioned that they are on the same page.

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Hi! My name is Bri. I work for Home Depot OCC in Kennesaw GA and I probably have the least fancy job here! I check a lot of order statuses and Blaze has made my response time lower and my customer satisfaction scores higher! I just started this job in May and it was pretty overwhelming at first as I can have seven chats up and active at a time but being able to send paragraphs of info with just a few keystrokes has been game changing!


Welcome to the forum @briana_r_stone and thanks for introducing yourself :slight_smile:

I'm really glad Text Blaze is taking some of the repetitive work off your shoulders.

Text Blaze is really simple to get into, but it's incredibly powerful when you start digging into the advanced functionality. For instance, based on how your platform works, it might even be possible for you to set up a snippet that can give you different replies based on the customer's query.

If you feel up to it, you could share a sample of your workflow (using dummy data) in the Questions and Help forum and we could give you advice on how to improve it with Text Blaze.

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I'm late to this party but HEY Y'ALL!

My name is Alex and I work for an awesome company called Clio. Our mission is to transform the legal experience for all and one of our biggest avenues to do that today is our legal practice management software. I'm on the newly minted Customer Operations team (literally just started this role about 6 weeks ago and I have Text Blaze to thank in part for my promotion but that's a story for another day!).

A big piece of Text Blaze for our CS teams is creating efficiencies and standardizing client facing communication. From email templates to hot links to commonly used Help Center articles and now dabbling in some forms and insertions that are pretty helpful. I'm very aware that we have ions to go in tapping into the power that is Text Blaze but we'll get there eventually.

When the day is done you'll find me on the soccer field or with my large dog who thinks she's a human that I go on long walks or forest adventures with here in Ontario, Canada.

I frequently creep the community posts and always learn something new - thank you all for your great questions and @Cedric_Debono_Blaze with the answers (how do you keep it all in your head??).


Hello All,

I am Pratik from India having my own business here as Company Secretary (www.cspratik.com) I.e. business consultant. I am glad that I got an opportunity to use TextBlaze, though I am very new and trying to explore for my use cases.

I guess I would really need this community's help a lot to use TB correctly. I am excited to explore this and to learn from amazing community.

Take care


@Alex_Paz-Barreiras — Only because I messed up my snippets a million times before that :rofl:

Welcome @Pratik_Shah - we're always here to answer questions, so ask away! One more thing—Text Blaze is simple to get into, but incredibly powerful once you start to dig deeper. If there's something you want to achieve but you don't think Text Blaze can do it, you should still ask. There are lots of "arcane" functions in there that can do unbelievable stuff, so you never know.

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Thanks. Sorry but quick query from my end.
Triggering Snippets which starts with Dropdown Please help in case if you know how to achieve it.

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@Pratik_Shah - replied :slight_smile:

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Hey, so I've been using this a lot more since you sent this to me! It's been busy so I haven't been able to reply.

I did share snippets with my old team, and my supervisor ended up taking that idea and running with it for some notation ideas, but my current department is not as gung-ho on automation, so I am the only one who uses it at this time, although I offer to teach at many occasions.

Since your recommendation, those IF commands are a monster. Once I figured that out, it made my dropdown menus perfect, and that is what I was missing from a smooth workflow. I find this function incredibly helpful to where now I have set up my job aid as a series of questions calling a series of shortcuts on dropdown menus.

Phewwwww, that's what I've been looking for. Thanks for the brilliant tip sir!


The IF statements really changed things up for me. I'm glad that they have really helped you as much as they helped me!


Hi! I’m Nirali and I live in New Delhi, India with my husband. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have founded multiple companies, the last one being a co-working space for tech startups. I’ve been the founding team member of multiple startups and have consulted with multiple brands for their marketing needs in the past decade, managing everything from creating their content strategy to building marketing teams, branding to social media marketing.

I love to travel and explore new places, have traveled to 34 countries and counting. Itching to restart my travel adventures once the world reopens post COVID. In my spare time I teach English, basic front-end coding and content writing skills to students belonging to a low-income community in New Delhi. The goal is to help them bridge the wealth gap by being first-generation learners who earn from these skills, and be the first in their families to make it to college.

Currently, I manage Text Blaze’s social media marketing and you might see me lurking around this community to connect with you! If you've got a fun Text Blaze snippet that the world NEEDS to see, drop me a screen grab of your snippet in action at nirali@blaze.today, and I'll feature it on our social.

Every year I take part in the #100DaysOfCode Challenge on Twitter to keep brushing up on my coding skills. I’m re-learning Javascript this year and you can follow me on my personal Twitter handle @aalicodes .

PS: I sadly do not have a cool guitar or a cute pet photo to share on this forum, here’s one from my trip to the Fiji Islands to fuel your wanderlust :wink:


Great intro @Nirali_Vasisht!

Happy to have you in the community :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team, Nirali! It's great to have you.