Reading messages / Customer Service help

Something that would be interesting. Currently I am using Text Blaze to quickly reply on customers. Maybe its an Idea to combine Text Blaze with ChatGPT and/or Gemini, so it can read customer messages. Based on the message Text blaze/ChatGPT will pick one of the templates you made which is more relevant and suggest this message.

If Text Blaze can already do this, my bad, must have missed that.

Hey there - Oliver here with Text Blaze! Text Blaze does currently have AI snippets that let you use AI to write or polish text, AI write to generate templates, and a ChatGPT integration. I would suggest giving our AI snippets a try (they can read data from the page and provide a contextual response).

If you'd like to check out a case study on how some of our users are already using the AI feature to respond to customers. you can see that here!


Ai snippets sure is interesting and really impresive. As I understand AI snippets isn't able to read a message from someone and based on that message suggest a snippet I have made? Because that would be even more productive.

Hi @Poephouder,

You can include page context for better results by toggling this option at the bottom of your AI snippet.
Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 1.25.21 PM