"Snippet Done!" Pop-up Alert

The idea: I would love there to be an option to display a brief alert message when a snippet has completed running. Nothing elaborate, and definitely something that would only appear for a set amount of time. Maybe 2 seconds, then automatically disappear. Not something the user has to click on to close though.


The why: My teams use about 80 different snippets that rely heavily on rather complex Autopilot commands. Because we use these snippets almost entirely within Salesforce, each snippet has a ton of intentionally placed [Wait] commands due to all the dropdown menu selecting and SF Object load times. If the user moves their mouse before the snippet has finished running, it easily causes mistakes to happen due to Autopilot unintentionally selecting fields. The feedback I continue to get from my teams is that they wish there was a way to "know for sure" that the snippet has finished running and not just in a programmed waiting period.

Instead of a popup, would a Windows (or macOS/Linux) system notification work for your use case?

Also, would you prefer to only show the popup for snippets with long wait commands? I imagine we will not show the popup/notification if you just typed a small snippet, for example, to complete tb => Text Blaze.

Sure! Honestly I do not think it matters in the end of its a system notification or an app notification. The important thing is the notification itself...and that the user NOT need to click on anything to clear it.

As for your 2nd question, you are right - it does not makes sense for it to appear with short and simple snippets. I think it is important though that the person(s) creating/maintaining snippets be the ones that can determine when the notification would be presented. Having it be a command that can be inserted at the end of a snippet if desired.