Time 24 hrs. format field insert

Hi support team,

Is there a way I can insert time field into my snippets? Currently I see only date field that can be inserted.

Thx in advanced.


With date/time command you can use both.
Here is the help: Text Blaze | Dynamically inserting dates and times

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I'm looking for how to manually insert time not insert today's time automatically. for example, I want to create a snippet for my team to schedule something on a specified date. I want my team to be able to select the specified date and time manually. I have tried everything I can but cannot seems to find a solution.

This example can give you some ideas:

You can also use formdate for the date and use two formmenus to select the time. For example:

Meeting time: {formdate: YYYY-MM-DD} at {formmenu: name=hour; cols=5; values={=seq(7, 18)}; default=7}:{formmenu: name=minute; cols=5; values={=map(seq(0, 59, 5), x -> ("0" & x) if x < 10 else x)}; default=0}

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Linking a previous discussion on this topic: Can you insert Time Selectors to show hh:mm?

Thank you all for your prompt response. Really appreciate you guys helping.
Can I request this feature in the future. Textblaze is awesome but in my opinion a calendar with time picker or a separate time picker field is very basic to have.


Thanks! It's definitely on our TODO list.