Temporarily save snippets after insert

I'm pretty careful about being on the correct window or closing the windows when I am working with a snippet. However there are times, like just a moment ago, where I insert and due to some reason or another, I send the snippent and it doesn't make it into what I wanted to. I then have to gather the information back into a new snippet.

If there were an automatic save so that we could bring back a snippet that we had just inserted this would not happen. Or if there were a problem with not being on the correct window and Text Blaze not allow the snippet to be inserted, this would work also.

Hey @Laren_Eggleston , is your request same as that posted here: {Clipboard} Use / Help? That is, if the snippet insertion fails to go into the correct textbox, then it should be preserved instead of silently failing.

@Gaurang_Tandon , Yep that's it alright! Sorry I hadn't had a chance to look at the forum as I've been busy. Thank you for looking into this for us.

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